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Welcome to the website of the Swedish-speaking School-student Union of Finland, FSS. FSS is a party-politically independent, national, representative and democratic school student organisation. FSS represents school-students from lower secondary school (13–16 years old) and upper secondary school (mainly 16–19 years old, some older). FSS was founded on January 4th, 1921, and is the oldest school student union in the world. This rich history gives us both the experience to know what we are doing, but also a firm foundation to rely on, for progressive and radical ideas on education to emerge.

In practise, we

  • provide a student card with student discounts for all our members
  • arrange educational and capacity-building events for student councils and all our active members, like Kulturkarnevalen (The Cultural Carnival) where hundreds of school students can participate in workshops led by professional actors, musicians etc.
  • have established working groups and committees where young people can influence politics, learn and spend their time
  • arrange the general assembly, Elevriksdagen ERIK (Student Parliament), where our policies are democratically formed and our board is elected
  • work to make student’s voices heard in society through media, statements and campaigns
  • make statements about-, and work with politicians and decision-makers to influence laws regarding students
  • represent student’s perspective in events, conferences and seminars
  • co-operate on the national level
  • co-operate on the international level
    • through OBESSU, the Organising Bureau of European School-Student Unions
    • through NSSN, the Nordic School-Student Network

Can we help you with something?

  • For a student card, please apply here. Unfortunately the information is only in Swedish, but if you have any question related to the student card, e-mail
  • To learn more about FSS or ask for our opinion on something, please contact our staff.